Admissions / International Applicants

We consider overseas boys applying for day places at all entry points. Weekly boarding is available for boys entering at 13+ or 16+. Full boarding is often a popular choice for overseas students entering at 16+.

There is no separate application process for overseas applicants. Boys must comply with the same deadlines and admission requirements as UK candidates.

For 13+ admissions, boys currently at school overseas may sit the ISEB online pre-test at their school if it is willing to administer the test. If the school is unable to administer it, then the test should be taken at the local British Council Office.

If, following the review of the pre-test result and school report, the boy is called for interview, this will take place in London at St Paul’s School. We will endeavour to interview overseas applicants between January and March so that, should they be offered a place on the Main List, parents can secure a place at a UK prep school for the two years before joining us. This ensures that all boys joining in year 9 have reached the necessary standard across the same curriculum.

For 16+ admissions for 2017 onwards, overseas applicants for whom English is not their first language will be required to take the UKiset tests in addition to submitting their application. Boys should register on the UKiset website and schedule a test at their nearest UKiset test centre. Please allow sufficient time for these tests to be taken and the results to be with us by the registration closing date. The Ukiset result will be reviewed alongside the boy’s application to determine whether he will be invited to take the entrance examinations.

These examinations can be taken at local British Council offices or here at St Paul’s. Boys who perform well in the examinations and are supported by their Head Teacher’s report will be called for interview. The interview will take place at St Paul’s School in London on a specified date.

The education at St Paul’s is academic and moves at a brisk pace. It demands competency and fluency in both written and spoken English. Pupils need to be comfortable in this environment so that they can participate fully in all areas of school life. If English is not their first language we require them to achieve a minimum of IELTS level 7.5.

St Paul’s School is currently a UK Visas and Immigration Tier 4 sponsor. Parents must advise us, when making an application, if their son requires sponsorship from the school to obtain a Visa in order to study here.