St Paul’s Juniors / Academic

The St Paul's Juniors syllabus is rich, vibrant and forward-looking covering Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Information Technology.

Computer room-1

Problem solving and thinking logically are the keys to success in this subject. Pupils learn to program and code using software packages such as Python. Collaborative work challenges boys to think originally and self-evaluation helps them to reflect on their learning and come up with solutions to their own problems, independently. Extra-curricular clubs further enrich the curriculum and provide opportunities for pupils to work together across age phases developing animations and games. In all ways we encourage pupils to use the resources at their fingertips to explore, analyse and present information responsibly, creatively and with discrimination.

Online safety, both at home and in school, runs through the curriculum. It is crucial pupils learn to be digitally literate, using tools safely. Boys enter our computer suites excited to learn. They leave better prepared to use technology in a safe and responsible manner, and well equipped for the ever changing digital world in which they live.

Computing Staff Members

  • Photo of Roisin Flanagan

    Roisin Flanagan

    • Director of Computing
  • Photo of Ibe Akoh

    Ibe Akoh

  • Photo of Anna Boden

    Anna Boden