St Paul’s Juniors / Academic

The standard is very high at St Paul's Juniors but the pupils are not accelerated through the key stages. Junior Paulines are naturally numerate, very inquisitive and hungry for knowledge. Pupils who grasp concepts rapidly are challenged with rich and sophisticated problems. The Maths Department aims to keep boys enthused by inspiring them to think and to realise that ‘being temporarily stumped’ marks the beginning of the problem solving process, rather than a reason to quit. Building mathematical strength and resilience is one of our greatest challenges as teachers, and we aim to do that in a realistic and sympathetic manner.

Maths Challenge

We do not take part in Key Stage 2 testing so our only comparison on a national scale is the Junior Maths Challenge (JMC). Around a quarter of a million pupils in Years 7 and 8 sit the challenge and often over half the Junior Paulines in our Third Years gain a top award. The best 1200 pupils in the country are then invited to the final stage of the competition – the prestigious Junior Maths Olympiad – and an impressive number of Junior Paulines make it through to this stage annually.

Mathematics Staff Members

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    George Tsaknakis

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    Sam Bailey

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    Philippa Kershaw

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    Daniel Kugananthan

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    Benedict Rowan