St Paul’s Juniors / Academic

The curriculum is designed to help Junior Paulines in all aspects of their life - not just in school. It aims to provide a firm foundation which will be built upon as boys mature into young men.

Within the personal aspect of PSHE, boys will learn to address their feelings, attitudes and values. We aim to promote pupils' self-esteem and encourage them to make well informed decisions. The social aspect will relate to the context in which they live - their peers, family and community. This will also involve a citizenship programme where the boys learn about the society in which they live - from a local, national and global perspective. Finally, within health education boys will learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, addressing issues such as healthy eating, exercise, smoking, drugs and mental well-being.

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School life is not all about passing exams. Indeed few would recommend such an approach as a well-balanced education. Along with parents, schools have a fundamental responsibility to help children in their overall development. Put simply, PSCHE is dedicated to doing just that: helping boys to develop into fine young men.

PSCHE Staff Members

  • Photo of Thomas Taylor

    Thomas Taylor

    • Head of PSHE & Citizenship
  • Photo of David Alsop

    David Alsop

  • Photo of Jonathan Boustead

    Jonathan Boustead