St Paul’s Juniors / Daily life

SPS 1069

Boys of all types and from all backgrounds are looked after by a team of enthusiastic, talented and caring staff. The boys have many different interests and talents but they all share a thirst for knowledge and a zest for life.

Boys joining the School at 7 or 8 have their own dedicated areas where the majority of their lessons are taught by form tutors, supported by a classroom assistant. With the help of our form, house and buddy systems, new boys soon feel part of the community and get to know the school routines quickly.

SPS 0887

Boys joining at 11 quickly settle into life at St Paul's Juniors, supported by their buddies who act as friends and guides in the first few days and weeks. On the first weekend of the academic year the boys enjoy an activity and teambuilding trip that helps to develop new friendships and bind the year group together.

We pride ourselves on offering the widest possible range of opportunities for our pupils. In the classroom our aim is to challenge boys to think, to question and to explore. Complementing the rich academic curriculum there is a wide range of extracurricular activities and clubs. The emphasis is on participation, developing talents and discovering new interests.

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We work in close partnership with parents and benefit from a very active and supportive Parents’ Group. Parents appreciate our open, welcoming and outward-looking community and their contribution is much appreciated.