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When I was drawing I felt as if I was already a professional artist.

First Year boy

St Paul's Juniors' youngest boys (Lower Firsts) join us at 7+ in three forms of 18, and the following year they are mixed with 18 new boys into four new forms (the Upper First Year).

With our Lower Juniors the approach is similar to primary education, the boys being taught by their own Form Tutor for most of the time. Boys visit specialist teachers for some subjects but their form rooms are all together and this creates a homely base with tutors who quickly get to know their pupils really well. Most boys in the Lower Juniors are new to the School, and their Form Tutors, along with their house ‘buddies’ from the older years, work together to help them meet the new challenges offered by St Paul's Juniors. This is a time for boys to expand their horizons intellectually, creatively and in sport - and a time simply to have fun with new friends in our large play spaces and through our wide extra-curricular offering.

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Photo of Alistair Wilkinson
Alistair Wilkinson