St Paul’s Juniors / Daily life

Boys in the final two years at St Paul's Juniors are known as ‘Seniors’. The year groups are larger than in the junior part of the School because of the 11+ entry. This 11+ entry brings a valuable added dimension to life at St Paul's Juniors.

Leadership opportunities in a boy’s final two years are plentiful. Boys can be selected to be a ‘buddy’ to a new boy, they can be elected by their peer group to be the Head or Deputy Head of House and they can be chosen by their teachers to be a school monitor, lead the choir or orchestra or captain a sports team. The focus is very much on developing fully the capabilities of each boy in preparation for his next stage of education at St Paul’s. Academically the boys embark on their Key Stage 3 education with the added dimension for some of Ancient Greek. This secondary style education transitions smoothly into the curriculum on offer at St Paul’s.

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Photo of Alexander James
Alexander James