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Boys in the middle two years at St Paul's Juniors are known as ‘Upper Juniors’. At the start of the Lower Second Year, boys are mixed into new forms and then stay with these forms until the end of the Upper Second Year.

One of the biggest changes for boys entering the Upper Juniors is that rather than having most of their lessons in their form room with their form tutor, they travel to different parts of the School to be taught by subject specialists. Boys learn to take greater responsibility for their work, to be better organised and to explore new opportunities. They complete their Key Stage 2 education with the added dimensions of Design & Technology, Classical Civilisation and Latin.

Form tutors and senior pastoral staff play an important role in developing a boy’s resilience and self-confidence, guiding them on how they should respond to mistakes, disappointments and failure. Interaction between year groups is encouraged and fostered through our buddy system in which boys are given a younger boy to mentor from the Lower First or Upper First Years and receive an older ‘buddy’ in the Lower Third or Upper Third, together making up a ‘buddy family’ within one of the four houses.

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Photo of Philippa Kershaw
Philippa Kershaw