St Paul’s Juniors / Pastoral Care

Occasionally, there are times when the support of an expert counsellor is helpful in resolving situations that are causing stress or anxiety. In these circumstances, our professional counsellor is available to speak to pupils and parents.

The St Paul's Juniors School Counsellor is Dr Carina Eriksen MSc DPysch CPsych BABCP acc. She works in conjunction with Dr Robert Bor at St Paul’s School. Dr Eriksen attends from 8.00am to 2.00pm every Monday and sees boys and parents confidentially in the Archives Room. Referrals, which are always made with the parents’ consent, may be initiated by the parents or suggested by the School. Appointments are made by the School Nurses. In certain circumstances, the Counsellor may recommend to the parents that the pupil should be referred to an external agency, particularly if longer term counselling is deemed to be beneficial.