St Paul’s Juniors / Sport

Each year boys take lessons in gymnastics, swimming, fitness and athletics. They also experience indoor games including bench ball, rackets, badminton, volleyball, fives and squash.

By the end of their time at St Paul's Juniors, boys will have studied a comprehensive gymnastics curriculum, including a hugely popular parkour syllabus.

During their swimming lessons, in addition to technique, boys compete in yearly house swimming races and play water polo matches. Water polo replaces swimming lessons in the final year at St Paul's Juniors.

As part of their preparation for sports day, boys work towards a quadrathlon athletics award in the earlier years and a pentathlon athletics award in their senior years at St Paul's Juniors. We place enormous value on the importance of learning how to run simply and sprint with efficiency in both fitness and athletics lessons.

The overall aim of our Physical Education curriculum is to focus on less content but to reinforce all learning so that progress is always guaranteed. We take pride in delivering a fun, innovative and relevant curriculum in which every boy will flourish.

Physical Education Staff Members

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    Simon Cattermole

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    Kiyo Jason

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    George Murray

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    Daniel Stewart

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    Matthew Young