St Paul’s Juniors / The Arts

An art club and a clay club take place once a week. Pupils are able to continue with class work or develop their own individual programme of work. There is also a photography club once a week, where pupils can develop and print their own black and white photographs in our darkroom. Displays of pupils' work around the School are regularly changed as new work is completed. Pupils' artworks are also regularly published in The Grapevine newsletter and The Coletine magazine.

Sketchbook of the Week

  • Krish Patel U3 B
  • Lazlo Kasas U3 M
  • Lorenzo Massi U3 K
  • Anthony Hillman U3 M
  • Benjamin Atkinson U3 K
  • Chongyang Cao U3 F
  • Felix Stadlen U3 F
  • Harrish Shivakumar U3 F
  • Ibrahim Khan U3 W