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All Paulines receive an introduction to Engineering in year 9 and about 1 in 3 choose to take Engineering at GCSE level. Each year, between 15 and 20 boys go on to study Engineering in year 12.


As a leading independent school, we have the freedom to develop our own unique approach to the teaching of Engineering. Our courses at GCSE emphasise the multidisciplinary nature of engineering and the links between engineering design science and mathematics. They also introduce students to the complexity and multifaceted nature of engineering problem solving.

We currently make use of three Engineering qualifiactions at GCSE: Resistant Materials, Systems and Control and Electronics. However, our courses are never restricted to the specification content alone.

AS and A level

At A level, we have developed our own unique Engineering course based on the Edexcel Extended Project (EP) at Level 3, which aims to give our students an enhanced understanding of the nature of Engineering. Our students also have the freedom to complete ambitious an demanding Engineering design projects that are frequently indistinguishable from undergraduate level work.


Exciting and challenging extra-curricular activities provide a natural extension to our curriculum. St.Paul’s has achieved success in national and international Engineering competitions including the Schools’ Aerospace Challenge, ESA’s CANSAT competition and the Toyota Challenge. Our students and staff routinely use the latest Engineering design and rapid prototyping tools, and are passionate enthusiasts of Robotics, 3D printer building, and a new push into the Internet of Things. Paulines are regularly awarded prestigious Arkwright Scholarships in Engineering.

After St Paul's

For some, studying Engineering has vocational significance while for others it is a natural, complementary subject for sciences and mathematics — or a contrast to the arts and humanities. The skills acquired in carrying out an extended project at the equivalent of A level are an excellent preparation for the demands of managing time and deadlines in life after school.

Notable Old Paulines working in the worlds of engineering and technology include:

  • Sir Kenneth Adam (1936-37), - Production Designer on some 70 films (there’s more about Sir Kenneth on the Art department page)
  • Tim Hunkin (1964-68, fireworks entrepreneur, cartoonist, safebreaker, engineer and documentary maker.
  • Sir Nigel Thompson KCMG CBE (1952-55) – Former Deputy Chairman, Arup – led a joint public taskforce for the reconstruction of Kosovo
  • James Montgomery (1993-98) - Director Software Engineering, TomTom
  • Han-Christoph Haenlein (1975-77) – Director Innovation, Ericsson
  • Rupert Hart (1976-80) - CEO – ExperiVentures Inc
  • Hamid Jafar (1962-64) – Chairman and Chief Executive, Crescent Petroleum
  • Michael Liebreich (1976-80) – Founder, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Rick Poster (1992-97) – Head of Sound, OBSTV – guaranteed the main sounds and talkback hub for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Royal Wedding in 2011.

Engineering Staff Members

  • Photo of Edward Bailey

    Edward Bailey

  • Photo of Brian Clark

    Brian Clark

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    Katie Douglass

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    David Emery

  • Photo of Tomi Herceg

    Tomi Herceg

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    Stephen Patterson