St Paul’s School / Daily Life

We cater for boys with food allergies or other specific dietary requirements. The cost of lunch is included in the school fees. Our caterers are Holroyd Howe.

This Week’s Menus

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup Roast tomato and basil Leek, garlic and potato Carrot lemon and dill Autumn vegetable minestrone
Bistro Dish Bacon loin steak, honey and apple glaze, thyme jus Salmon fish cake, Asian slaw and Sriracha mayonnaise STREET FOOD Macaroni cheese with chicken, leeks and basil Fish fingers, lemonade battered fish, tartare sauce and lemon
Comfort Food Lightly spiced chicken breast with roasted sweet potatoes and peppers Beef bolognese with garlic bread THEME DAY Lamb keema, turmeric potato and spinach Harissa and yoghurt roast chicken leg, spiced chick peas and pomegranate
Vegetarian Alternative Butternut squash and lentil hot pot Harissa roasted tofu with vegetables and herbs STREET FOOD Bean and vegetable enchiladas, tomato and herb sauce Pumpkin, kale and spring onion fritatta, BBQ pinto beans
Starch and Vegetables Steamed new potatoes Tarragon carrots and autumn greens Pasta Turmeric roasted cauliflower Green beans THEME DAY Vegetable rice Broccoli Chunky chips Peas/Mushy peas Baked beans
Pasta and jacket potato sauce of the day Roast vegetable, tomato and oregano Carbonnara STREET FOOD Vegetable rice Broccoli Cherry tomato, sun dried tomato and roast pepper
Dessert Apple and blackberry crumble with custard Seeded super fruit flapjacks with crème fraiche THEME DAY Lemon drizzle cake with crumbled meringue Carrot and beetroot cake, cinnamon drizzle
Salad of the Day Beetroot, fennel, orange and parsley Spicy chick pea, quinoa, cherry tomato, coriander and rocket Greek salad with crumbled feta Caesar salad
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