St Paul’s School / Pastoral Care

The rapport that a boy and his family develops with his tutor lasts throughout his time at St Paul’s School and often beyond.

Adapted from the successful nurturing model of many universities, the system is praised by every Pauline and their parents.

Every tutor is carefully selected for each boy and will generally stay with the boy throughout his time at St Paul’s School. Boys meet with their tutor every day for morning registration and there is a weekly 35-minute tutor period on a Friday afternoon, providing important time and opportunity for reflection and discussion between tutors and their tutees.

Tutors will have two, or occasionally three, boys from each year group and will guide and help the boys throughout their school lives. The daily tutor group meeting brings the older and younger boys together. Pupils learn from each other about school life and friendships are developed: younger boys soon find they have allies in the older years and older boys learn how best to pass on their experience.

Tutors are also mentors and sounding-boards for each boy as he navigates his way through school life - from juggling commitments in the Fifth Form to finalising decisions about university courses in the Upper Eighth. The knowledge a tutor acquires of a boy’s achievements and abilities is invaluable in helping the individual pupil to flourish and to be happy.

Overseeing each year group are pastoral Heads of Year, called ‘Undermasters’, who meet with their year groups each week for meditative and informational assemblies. Assembly items are often delivered by guest speakers or performers, including the pupils themselves. Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education is also delivered through the curriculum by dedicated, specialist staff, to boys in all year groups.

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