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Sport is a key component of the education provision at St Paul’s as well as helping to support and sustain the School’s ethos. St Paul’s aims to give every boy the chance to benefit from learning through sport by playing and being taught the sport of his choice at the level best suited to his abilities and interest. We provide a wealth of sport from which boys of all abilities are free to choose after their first term at 13+ entry and all boys are encouraged to adopt and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. The safety and welfare of the boys is our top priority at all times. 

The sports programme serves to reinforce many of the traits and values we believe are important, including: commitment, honesty, leadership, resilience, respect, responsibility, scholarship, self-discipline and teamwork. The programme is designed and resourced to be fully inclusive, catering for the needs and enjoyment of all boys, from the interested novice to the elite performer.  Every boy is encouraged to maximise the realisation of his potential for growth physically, mentally, socially and emotionally, to develop his character in a broad sense. 

St Paul’s has a very strong reputation for sport and there is a very demanding fixture list in all of the main school sports.  Boys are expected to commit to playing for the School, with fixtures taking place weekly on Saturdays or weekdays (depending on the sport) in all three terms.  Many pupils are able to represent the school in inter-school fixtures, while a number of individuals and teams regularly progress in regional, national and international teams and competitions.

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There are almost 30 physical activities to choose from on the Games Programme and a selection of these are featured above.  In addition, there are opportunities to participate in badminton, croquet, cycling, hockey, table tennis, ultimate frisbee, unihoc and windsurfing. 

All sporting activities occur in the weekly games half, an afternoon dedicated to games options, and the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth years also have timetabled periods of Physical Education each week. Extra practice and skill sessions are held in our 100 minute lunch-break where the boys can receive in-depth coaching on their preferred sport.   

The School benefits from an outstanding team of elite and expert coaches and support staff, many of whom can boast their own impressive sporting achievements. 

Photo of Nigel Briers
Nigel Briers
  • Director of Sport