St Paul’s School / The Arts

Boys must choose a creative subject (Art, Drama, Engineering or Music) as one of their GCSE subjects. Through both theoretical studies and the individual development of practical skills, our teaching leads to a fuller understanding of the part played by Art and Design in the history of human development. Widening cultural horizons, enriching the individual’s personal resources and engendering self-awareness are central to our ethos.

Our students regularly exhibit their work in our our gallery, which is housed within the dedicated Art building, the Milton.

Some of our students work

The Milton Gallery, named after John Milton, (St Paul’s, 1615–1625), is used by contemporary artists as well as by our own students and staff.

The Milton Gallery is open between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. At weekends, viewing is sometimes possible by appointment — contact our Director of Art, Michael Grant, by email or call him on 0208 746 5428.